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We each have a story, complete with our own heroes and monsters, love and disappointment.  I’m fortunate to have a very blessed life, with more love and fewer monsters, and photography has become a large part of that blessing.

My story with photography began when I ruined a roll of film in my mom’s camera by exposing it to light.  I was mesmerized by the magical powers of film and that darkness was necessary to bring life to the images.  When I took my first photography class in college, my curiosity from childhood turned to love.  I would spend hours in the darkroom processing my film, watching images magically appear, and writing stories without words.

In my work, I strive to create images that are expressive, natural, and fun.  I want my clients’ personalities to shine through, revealing their big hearts as well as their darn cute smiles.

Photography is part of my story, and therefore, the people I photograph become a part of my tale as well.

I can’t wait to tell your story.

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