I’m so excited to write my first blog post and share with you two of my favorite people!  I met Elizabeth in grad school and we’ve been besties ever since.  (yup, I just said “besties”…eww)  She is one of those people that makes me feel happy just by being in her presence.  Elizabeth and Miguel’s personalities balance each other out so well and they each bring out the best in each other.  They actually didn’t start dating until a few years after they met!  Luckily Miguel knows how to go after what he wants.  :)   I’m honored to have photographed their engagement session and to be a part of their wedding this summer.

We started with a few pictures at their downtown condo:

As soon as we started shooting, we made a new friend:  (I’m a sucker for cute dogs!)

Liz and Miguel both claim that the camera doesn’t like them, but I have plenty of evidence that proved them wrong. They both relaxed and warmed up to the camera pretty quickly.  LOVE these:


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